Taking Flight for Asthma – Now is Your Chance to Be Heard!

Tomorrow morning before dawn, I will board a flight to New Jersey. The opportunity before me is still feeling a bit surreal and I’m still wondering what God is up to as I let it sink in. I’d like to extend the opportunity to YOU as well!

On Wednesday, October 23, 2013 in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals is holding a meeting which will involve an afternoon severe asthma patient panel on the research and development process. I have been asked to be a part of this panel and I would love to give my readers an opportunity to chime in as well. I’ve been asked to provide the following from the perspective of a life-long asthma sufferer:

■ Share my story. I have to limit this to 15 minutes. I’ll talk fast!
■ Pose research questions that I think are important
■ Offer insight on the best ways to communicate research results to patients
■ Offer advice as to what are important motivations and disincentives for patients to participate in clinical trials
■ Discuss the role and importance of quality of life in human subject research

Given that I am now nearly 100% pharmaceutical free and more active than ever, and that this transformation is due to changes in nutrition and giving my body what it needs at the cellular level, it will be interesting to see how this goes. I still use medications when necessary but they are so much more effective now that my body gets what it needs on a daily basis, which means I don’t have the need to be rescued as much as I used to. The final step in this process for living well with asthma is knowing my triggers. Sometimes they are unavoidable (cold/flu/sinus infections/weather/stress) and I occasionally succumb to my illness. It is in those days that I am most thankful for the healthy ones which are more abundant than ever before. Talk about quality of life! The added bonus is that I can actually exercise and truly LIVE and BREATHE like a normal person most of the time, even during intense and/or long workouts. I still pinch myself at the difference it has made in my life.

My absolute passion is to help other asthmatics to see that there is a better and natural way to approach asthma care and maintenance. I believe I have a unique opportunity here to broaden the discussion to the nutritional aspects of asthma care or even elimination. Still, there is a need for pharmaceuticals at some level and I hope to make a difference there as well.

Are you an asthma patient? Do you have kids or other family members with asthma? If this was you presenting to this panel, what would you want to say? I’m all ears. Please send me your questions/suggestions via this blog and I’ll make sure I pass them along.

Mount Spokane Summit

Mount Spokane Summit

In the meantime, keep living and breathing strong, and never give up!



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