For My Fellow Asthma Sufferers

I want to take a short break from this story about how I have overcome a life of limitations due to severe asthma to let you know that I WILL be sharing more about how I am able to do this. I have shared some so please read through my blog, there is much more. Part of my drive for this blog is to help others who have this illness. I have nearly lost my life several times over the years and spent countless days in the hospital or just isolated from the world.

By the way, I will not be recommending that you cease your current prescription meds. Rather, that the regimen I now use is supplemental to prescription meds.  I still take my Advair (which allowed me to start running in the first place – I just don’t need as much anymore but I communicate closely with my doctor about how much to use now). However, I have found that I rarely need the prescription meds anymore and the new type of treatment I receive for colds/sinus infections and environmental factors is effective, complete and has no side effects except health. Further, that the focus on whole body wellness and making sure that at a cellular level, I am getting the nutrients that we all need, and in particular those that asthma sufferers in general tend to need in abundance, has made the difference that allows me to live almost as if I don’t have asthma;  at least most of the time.  I’ll go into more detail but as a preview, here is what I am making sure my body gets daily:

Ample amounts of Vitamins C and D (for me, 10,000 mg and 10,000 IU respectively)
; 3000 mg of quality Omega 3s (my doctor advises that the DHA and EPA content must add up to at least 1000 mg), appropriate amounts of quality antioxidants, a good probiotic to keep the system clean, and I have eliminated most dairy from my diet.  Not all…..I’ll still have cheese on my pizza! I’ll break this down, send you to some research and let you hear from some doctors in later entries, including some exciting research that demonstrates the significant impact that the right nutrients have asthma and other illnesses that are characterized by or at least have some element of chronic inflammation .   I will then talk about what I do when I get a cold which is a major trigger for most asthmatics.  It’s truly amazing.

I will be reverting back to previous experiences so as to paint a clear picture of how severe my illness has been in the past.  Partly so that other asthma sufferers know that they are not alone.  Dialogue and sharing experiences can be an extremely comforting tool.  I hope that my fellow asthma sufferers can see that some rather simple changes made such an enormous impact on my illness and my life, and perhaps it will give them hope.

I ran 10 miles this morning (not run-walk-run) and didn’t have to use my inhaler once. Here’s to a life without limits!


2 thoughts on “For My Fellow Asthma Sufferers

  1. Christine

    Can’t wait to hear all your advice. I have asthma that can turn ugly pretty quickly. I am only affected (so far) in the early spring and fall, but it definitely affects my running anytime I try the trails instead of the treadmill!

    1. bringiton23 Post author

      Christine, I’m so glad you stopped by! For starters, see my blog post entitled “Turtle Girl is Ready.” In it, I’ve noted my current regimen and the amazing treatment I now receive whenever I catch a cold/flu/sinus infection, etc. The daily regimen helps with seasonal allergies, pollens, particulates in the air and other environmental factors that trigger asthma. I hope that helps as a start!


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