Asthma to Ironman

I’ve never written up a race report. As an exclamation point after finishing the Big One last weekend, I had intended on writing one that said, “My Official Ironman Race Report: I FINISHED!” But the events of that special day, the back story leading up to it, and the participation of everyone who was invested in this as well as those who unexpectedly found themselves in the midst of my story, came together in a way that I never expected. And because of 23 seconds, I realize that I’ve been given a platform that I am not meant to keep to myself. If you find encouragement, inspiration, or anything else that moves you forward, taking positive steps, then I’ll be happy. If you or someone you know has asthma and this gives you hope, then I’ll be ecstatic. And if I can encourage you to seek out a few of the amazing stories behind the many who push themselves to the limit, then I’ll cyber high-five you. So, behind the comfort of my computer, I open myself to you.



4 thoughts on “Asthma to Ironman

  1. Alicia Spencer

    You are going to be good at this I can tell:)))) Love the way you write! I can see the smile on your face when I read it!


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